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Fly Casting Clinic Saturday April 25 2009 in Portland

Improve your fly fishing with better casting techniques. If you are a novice, intermediate, or experienced fly fisher, there is a workshop to improve your casting and make your fly fishing more successful.

BEGINNING FLY CASTING: Learn the basic mechanics of fly casting.
BEYOND THE BASICS: Master the basics of rod tip path, stroke length & angle.
ACCURACY: Gain better loop control and line speed.
PRESENTATION: Learn curve casts, reach casts, and slack casts.
DISTANCE CASTING: Learn to shoot line and master the single and double haul.
SINGLE HAND SPEY CASTING: Learn how to spey cast with a single hand rod.
SPEY CASTING: Learn how to get started in spey casting.
CUSTOM: Tailor a workshop to your special interests

Morning Workshops: 10:00 AM – Noon
Lunch is provided: Noon to 1:00 PM
Afternoon Workshops: 1:00 – 3:00 PM
LOCATION: Blue Lake Regional Park, Portland
• $50 – One Workshop
• $75 – Two Workshops
• $125 Custom & 1 other workshop
All proceeds benefit Casting For Recovery and Reel Recovery.

Casting for Recovery and Reel Recovery are nationwide programs providing fly fishing retreats for cancer survivors to
participate in an activity and setting that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. We hope to see you at this year’s Casting Clinic!

For information, contact:

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Trout Unlimited Wine and Waders event Sunday Feb 22

Next Sunday is Trout Unlimited Chapter 678’s annual Wine and Waders event at Territorial Vineyards in Eugene. This is a potluck event with auctions and raffles for a great cause — restoration and conservation of our native coldwater fish. The event takes place Feb. 22nd, 12-4 at 907 W 3rd Ave Eugene, OR 97402.

This year we have excellent auction items, like a guided trip fly fishing for Spring Chinook on the Tillamook system, an Outcast FishCat 4, hand-tied fly collections from expert anglers like salmon-guru Jay Nicholas and Mike Brooks (whose Atlantic salmon-style steelhead flies are in the Smithsonian).

Be sure to come by, bring a plate of bean dip or mini corndogs, and help support TU’s fishery conservation goals.

If you have any questions or would like to donate auction items, please email Matt Stansberry (

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Big Fly Fishing events coming to Eugene this December

Monday December 8: Fly fishing movie Drift
The local chapter of Trout Unlimited will be showing the new fly fishing movie Drift at the David Minor Theater in Eugene, 5:30-7:30pm. One of the featured anglers in the movie, and editor of the new fly fishing magazine Catch, Oregon’s own Brian O’Keefe will be at the showing to talk about the film and his fly fishing travels. The cost is $10 and the proceeds from the event will go to the McKenzie Upper Willamette Chapter of Trout Unlmited. Tickets are pre-sale only and are available at The Caddis Fly shop in Eugene. Call 541-342-7005 for details.

Thursday December 11: Fly fishing for salmon seminar
Fisheries biologist and fly fishing fanatic Jay Nicholas will be giving a seminar on fly fishing for salmon in Oregon at The Caddis Fly Shop on Thursday evening, 6-9pm. Jay is a 30-year veteran of ODFW and is an expert on Oregon’s coastal rivers. Jay’s seminar will cover how to fly fish for salmon, fly tying demonstrations and gear selection. The class costs $20, call the shop for more details: 541-342-7005.

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EWEB announces new fish ladder and other conservation measures

Eugene, OR

Speaking at yesterday’s signing ceremony, Robert Lohn, Regional Administrator Northwest NOAA Fisheries was quoted as saying, “the Willamette system is fractured and broken and we need to reconnect it, lest we lose our struggling salmon runs.”

Yesterday, the Eugene Water and Electric Board, conservation groups, environmental groups, Indian tribes and state agencies announced an agreement that moves incrementally in that direction.

EWEB was required to submit a relicensing application to FERC to continue its Carmen-Smith Hydroelectric project on the mainstem of the upper Mckenzie River.  Currently, Trailbridge dam blocks endangered spring chinook from reaching spawning habitat in the upper Mckenze river, Smith river and Sweetwater creek.  It also fragments the habitat of endangered bull trout.  EWEB had assured the conservation community of its plans to construct a ladder as part of its new operating license; however, at the last moment EWEB announced its plan to trap and haul fish around the dam rather than provide volitional passage.  The conservation community, state agencies and environmental groups viewed this as inadequate and protested.

Now, following several months of difficult negotiations between EWEB’s representatives, state agencies and the non-applicant caucus (conservation groups) led by Trout Unlimited’s Kate Miller, the parties have formally announced an agreement on measures that will be included in the final license application.  Highlights include:

  • Construction and maintenance of a volitional fish ladder at Trailbridge dam allowing spring chinook access to spawning habitat and permitting bull trout to move throughout the basin.
  • The provision of downstream passage at Trailbridge dam.
  • EWEB will keep Trailbridge Reservoir at a level suitable to allow Bull trout unimpeded access to Sweetwater Creek at all times.
  • Placement of spawning gravel in the Mckenzie river above Trailbridge and placement of gravel and large woody debris in the Smith River channel below Smith dam.
  • Increased flows in the Smith and Carmen by-pass reaches.
  • Maintenance of the existing spawning channel below Trailbridge dam.
  • Barriers so that fish do not swim into the turbines at Trailbridge dam.

The signing ceremony formally marks the end of the negotiation phase and EWEB’s finalized request for a renewed operating license will go before the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee. If approved, the utility will be permitted to operate the project for another 50 years.  I’d like to especially thank Kate Miller for all of her hard work that went into reaching this settlement.

The Carmen-Smith Hydroproject is an interesting piece of engineering. The entire Mckenzie river is impounded at Carmen Diversion dam shortly downstream from Koosah falls. The river is placed in a tunnel and flows underground where it outfalls into the Smith River reservoir to the north. The entire Mckenzie is dewatered for a couple miles before it springs back to life at Blue Pool/ Tamolitch Dry Falls. The river flows for another couple miles before being impounded again at Traibridge dam/reservoir. Meanwhile, there is another tunnel/penstock that connects Smith Reservoir to Trailbridge reservoir and there is a pwerhouse at the end of this tunnel that generates electricity. This diagram might help clarify matters:

Carmen Smith Hydroelectric Project

This is one important piece of a much larger puzzle.  Spring chinook salmon runs historicaly numbered approximately 300,000 salmon per year in the Willamette and its tributaries.  Unfortunately, dams have restricted access to the overwhelming majority of spawning and rearing habitat and wild chinook returns to the Willamette are on average about 10,000 salmon.

The Army Corps of Engineers in now completing its Bi-op regarding the operation of the remainder of the Willamette system including the dams on both the North and South Santiam, South Fork Mckenzie, Blue River, Fall Creek, Middle Fork Willamette, Coast Fork Willamette and other important fish bearing streams.

Now is the time to get involved to ensure the continued viability of the Willamette’s wild spring chinook.

Attention Oregon Trout Unlimited members: TU 678 is again traveling into the mountains for high lakes fishing adventures. You may have missed our previous outings this summer but there is still one more opportunity. These trips have been very popular and are a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

This month we plan to visit the Benson Lakes complex located in the Three Sisters Wilderness Area. The trip will take place on September 13th-14th. To get there head up the McKenzie Hwy 126 and take the Hwy 242 scenic bypass. Take the turnoff to the left for Scott’s lake and follow the signs to the Benson Lake trail head. The hike into the lake (our base camp) is about 1.5 miles and we will be hiking out from there to reach the other lakes in the area. Waders and float tubes will greatly improve your catching opportunities. A 3 to 5wt fly rod is recommended although light weight spin cast and bait cast setups can also be effective. Fly selections should include wooly buggers, chironomids, pheasant tails, and mayfly patterns. These are overnight trips so please bring a backpack, tent, sleeping bag, and food. The mosquitoes have been worse than usual this year so come prepared. If you have any questions please contact Todd Mullen at 935-2189 before Friday. We hope to see you there.

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Sign up for the McKenzie River Two-Fly tournament

The first annual McKenzie River Two-Fly Tournament will take place October 3-4, 2008 on the McKenzie River. Organized by The Caddis Fly Angling Shop and Trout Unlimited Chapter 678 (McKenzie River, Upper Willamette Chapter), proceeds from this inaugural event will fund restoration projects on the McKenzie River.

TU McKenzie Two-Fly Flyer

The tournament organizers have partnered with the Eugene based McKenzie River Trust to allocate funds toward native salmonid habitat enhancement. The Trust is a local grassroots organization working to protect special lands in Lane and Douglas county Oregon for their fish and wildlife habitat, water quality and scenic values. The Trust has been recognized by its partners for being creative with its projects, professional in its work with landowners, and committed to the community. “The McKenzie River Trust welcomes the continued loyal support of anglers,” said Joe Moll, Executive Director.

The tournament will take place October 3-4, 2008. Festivities begin Friday evening with a pre-tournament reception and raffle; the competition begins the following morning. The entry fee is $300 per person, two anglers per boat. Entry fee includes one day guided float trip on the McKenzie River, festivities, and door prizes.

“This tournament is a great way for anglers to give back to the resource that gives them so much,” said Karl Mueller, Conservation Officer for TU Chapter 678. “We can’t control ocean conditions but we can do everything in our power to ensure that salmon have the in-stream habitat necessary to thrive in the McKenzie River, which is one of the last strongholds for Willamette River spring Chinook salmon.”

Mckenzie River Two-Fly Tournament rules
1. Contestants will participate in teams of two, single entrants can be paired up with another angler and make a new fishing partner.
2. The winning team will be determined by total length of the three largest fish landed. Length will be determined by a standard method (either measure net or modified PVC pipe w/ measuring tape, TBD). Digital photos of fish and measurement required.
3. The morning of the tournament, contestants will select two flies to use through the day. The can be fished singly or in tandem. If the two flies are lost the contestant may continue to fish, but the angler’s fish no longer count toward the team’s total length.
4. Leader, fly tackle, and fly fishing methods are all at the discretion of the angler.
5. The guide is the judge in the boat and enforcer of the rules.

McKenzie River Two-Fly Tournament Prizes
1. First prize team wins Winston BiiX rod and Ross Reel combos — ($1800 value).
2. Second prize team wins 2 nights stay for four at a luxury cabin on the Upper McKenzie River, $50 gift certificate to Holiday Farm ($750 value).
3. Third prize team wins two Scientific Angler Sharkskin lines ($200 value).

Call the Caddis Fly to sign up: (541) 342-7005

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Tualatin Valley TU Chapter Meeting Coming Up

Here is information about the speakers who will present at the meetings that are scheduled for September and October 2008 by the Tualatin Valley Chapter.   

Meeting Schedule:   Regular Chapter Meetings are held at the LUCKY LABRADOR on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM with a social get-together and the formal meeting at 7:00 PM unless otherwise noted in the newsletter or website.  Lucky Labrador, Multnomah Village, 7675 SW Capitol Hwy.  Portland,  (503) 244-2537.  Food and Beverages available.


September 10, 2008—Our speaker is Peter Patricelli.  He will share his highly regarded skill with us in a presentation on how to shoot good digital fishing photos.


October  8, 2008— This month we get twice the value.  Scott and Richard Wolfe, Guides and twin brothers, will present Fly Fishing for Bass on the Umqua and Fly Fishing for Steelhead on the Elk River.  They will include a discussion of the designation of Wild and Scenic Water on the Elk and their experience testifying in front of Congress in support of this very valuable action. 


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Bull Trout Rendezvous VIII: Oregon State Council Project

HOST: Clackamas River Chapter Trout Unlimited
DATE: OCT. 10, 11, 12
WHERE: Metolius River and Metolius River Preserve
HOST CAMPGROUND: Camp Sherman Campground
Alternate camps: Allen Springs, Lower Bridge, Candle Creek, Pine Rest


Our project for this year will be the rehabilitation and planting of the culvert crossing on Lake Creek in the Metolius preserve. The Deschutes Basin Land Trust and the Upper Deschutes Basin Water Council obtained grants and will remove the culvert in September prior to our arrival. We will work Friday and Saturday from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. We will be meeting at the South Kiosk on the Metolius preserve about 9:00 am. Check the second page for map directions. We will have our usual group barbeque on Saturday night and Sunday is fishing time. Bring something along to share; the campfire will be burning Saturday night.

WHAT TO BRING: Bring gloves and shovels. Bring lunches for Friday. Water will be provided.

Hope to see you all there. Come share and visit.

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TU Volunteers backpack the McKenzie River Trail

Four TU volunteers from Eugene, OR recently backpacked the McKenzie River Trail from the Willamette Ranger Station on Rte 126 to Koosah Falls. We hiked over 17 miles, caught wild trout and drank bourbon. For a full write up on the trip, check out the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog.

This is a video from the trip.

McKenzie River Trail

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Video: Robert Bernard, NW Coordinator for Reel Recovery

At the recent TU Oregon Council meeting at Belknap Springs, we interviewed Robert Bernard, volunteer regional coordinator for Reel Recovery about the program’s purpose and value. Reel Recovery is a national non-profit organization that conducts fly fishing retreats for men recovering from life-threatening cancer.

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